The Invisible Wound: Healing the Brain, Transforming My World

by Marty Kleva, BS, MA

In the US, there are millions who have brain trauma, and millions more who treat and care for them.  Brain trauma has become a national epidemic and the number of cases reported increase yearly.  The invisibility of the closed head injury can be the most challenging factor in recovery because in most cases, the injury cannot be seen.  Many of the effects happen within the person who has no outer wound for others to associate with or see. 

So much takes place inside the brain and body that science has yet to identify.  My account in this book fills in some of those yet to be drawn maps, and speaks of the wisdom that comes from within the body which allows healing to take place when we learn to incorporate simple skills of attention that specifically relate to our body.

This is the story of my recovery from an auto accident, and the traumatic brain injury (TBI) I experienced as a result.  It includes an encounter with a twenty- foot Angel while I was unconscious at the time of impact, and my move into a consequential spiritual crises.

Being a trained professional teacher, stress reduction instructor and somatic therapist, my skills of observation are well tuned. I saw and experienced the accident with detailed observation.  As a practitioner of Vipassana Meditation, I have utilized those skills to track and document the process that takes place during a massive panic anxiety attack as I was experiencing it.  I name it my tsunami wave and it has lead me to develop a skill I call BodyTracking®

My capacities as a therapist and meditator provided me with a foundation of healing tools in the aftermath of learning to cope with a closed head injury.  Consequently now, six years later, I have reached a level of recovery sidestepping the need of pharmaceutical drugs, and the massive cost of extended medical treatment, to bring my personal experience, insights, and methods I used and developed throughout this period to share with others.

My account incorporates and weaves its way through personal experience and medical information now available, and especially brings forth methods of therapy not usually undertaken.  It includes how I benefitted in recovery from the subjects I studied and the practices that were already a part of my life. 

There are more and more accounts and books being written that are avidly gulped up by both trauma patients and their caretakers.  There is no account yet, to my knowledge, that includes the told experience from the point of view of a professional somatic therapist or teacher of Mindulness-Based Stress Reduction. 

Documented throughout my recovery from the year 2000 to present day 2006, this narrative includes prose, poetry, journal accounts and informational material with thematic points of view.  I tell it like it happened to me and share my struggle to survive what felt like reoccurring death of many parts of who I used to be as I learned how to become who I am.


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